1. Applicability

Morenica for clients is a service company specialised in renting means of transport with driver around Italy.
These Terms & Conditions apply to all transportation services (the “Services”) directly provided by Morenica for clients or indirectly operated by our Partners.
Performance of any work by Travel & Service for its clients shall constitute acceptance by clients of these Terms &Conditions. These Terms and Conditions may be modified by Morenica for clients on specific occasions or for specific purposes.

2. Services: transfer and availability

By transfer we mean to convey at least one client from one place (pick-up point) to another (drop-off point).
By availability we mean the act of disposing of a means of transport for an agreed time, on a defined route.

3. Booking process

The online booking on www.morenicaforclients.com is processed by a secured and verified protocol XML. Upon confirming the booking, clients agree to sign a legally binding contract with Morenica for clients.
Only adults can proceed with an online booking and in order to successfully confirm the booking clients need a valid credit card. An automatic response will be sent to the indicated email address to confirm the booking process.
Clients’ credit card information will never be known by the company and will remain property of the verified banking system that elaborate the payment, though a secure gateway.
In case the client does not receive the automatic email confirmation, they are kindly asked to promptly contact the company (please also check the SPAM folder, before proceeding). The automatic email contains all information inserted except credit card data. Please print a copy of the confirmation and take it with you on your journey.

4. Modification and cancellation policy

Order/booking can be cancelled within 1 day before departure without penalty fees. After that period of time and in case of “no show”-client, the client cannot ask for reimbursement, if otherwise agreed with the company.
Morenica for clients can cancel the services in case of missing information, outstanding payment, force majeure circumstances (e.g. strikes, riots, harsh weather conditions) with any reimbursement obligation towards the client.

5. Time limits and additional mileage

Drivers remain at clients’ disposal until 15 minutes after the agreed pick-up time and, without further communication with the client, they will consider themselves free of liability.
In the event of delays – as for trains and flight – the services will be treated as “no show” and the client shall contact the emergency number to request another transfer, which shall be paid by credit card before departure.
As far as delays are concerned, the client will be charged with the following amounts:
CAR with driver: € 25,00/hour
MINIVAN and MINIBUS up to 8 pax: € 30,00/hour
MINIBUS 16 pax up to PULLMAN 50 pax: € 50,00/hour
Additional mileage arising from force majeure conditions or from client’s extemporary requests shall be paid directly to the driver within the end of the journey, if previously agreed with the company.

6. Schedules

Schedules, e.g. pick-up and drop-off time, are expressed according to LT (Local Time) of the departing location.

7. Additional costs

Prices are to be considered excluded the following cost items: parking, ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone), city permits, tunnels and bridges toll. Related costs shall be paid on site, directly to the driver before departure. If this does not happen, the driver is authorised to suspend the journey. Morenica for clients does an effort to be constantly up to date, regarding local additional costs, which will be communicated to the clients during the booking process. Such costs may vary according to local extemporary regulations and therefore it is not liable for the above-listed issues.

8. Route

The party claiming force majeure shall promptly notify the other party when it learns of the existence of such a condition and charge the clients with additional mileage or any other expenses paid to overcome the situation, even though not indicated in the official quotation. However, if such condition of force majeure is not remedied, the unaffected party shall have the right to terminate any obligations created by these Terms & Conditions upon notice to the other party. Quotations may be modified according to the sensible fluctuation of fuel costs between the issue date of the quotation and the departure date.
Every means of transport is regularly licensed and censed in specific registers, equipped with tachograph, revised on a regular base by the responsible organisation, and drivers strictly follow both local and international rules related to circulation and job conditions..
Neither party hereto shall be liable to the other for default in the performance of any of the terms and provisions of these Terms & Conditions if caused by fire, strikes or labour disputes, riot, war, Act of God, governmental order or regulation, or other similar contingency beyond the reasonable control of the respective parties. Morenica for clients shall not put its drivers and passengers at risk in case of such circumstances and reserves the right to suspend the services.

9. Pick-up and drop-off points

Pick-up and drop-off points shall be allowed only in agreed areas, complying with local regulations.

10. Travel documents

Passengers shall travel with valid identity documents, both in Italy and abroad. Morenica for clients is not liable for consequences of random checks by local authority if passengers lack such document.

11. Seat belt regulation

Passenger shall comply with the rules contained in art. 172 C.d.S and any later modifications (e.g. D.L. No. 150 of 13/03/06 enabling the European guideline 2003/20/CE), especially as regards compulsory seat belt while sitting, as far as the seat is provided with a seat belt, following visual instructions placed in front of each seat or provided by the driver or through a short video before departure.

12. Baggage policy

Morenica for clients allows only a certain amount of checked-in baggage, confirmed during the booking process. Morenica for clients will not be responsible for any loss or damage of baggage.

13. Children transportation

Children are welcomed on board but their presence shall be confirmed during the booking process. For requested child seats additional costs wont be charged.

14. Pet transportation

Pets are allowed on Morenica for clients coaches with their small cabin

15. Lost and found objects

Morenica for clients and its commercial partners will not be responsible for any loss or damage of baggage or personal belongings. The company will engage in looking for such objects on board. Clients are responsible for picking up their item(s), at the owner’s expense. If the owner wishes to use a delivery service, arrangements must be made by the owner of the item(s).

16. Sanctions and fines

Sanctions or fines addressed to the coach company due to clients’ conduct, e.g. no seat belt fastened, requested parking in prohibited areas, etc., will be charged to the clients with an additional cost due to proceeding obligations.

17. Standard of conduct

In order to ensure safety and comfort to every passenger travelling with Morenica for clients, clients are kindly asked to follow the herewith listed code of conduct.
a. Please, do not disturb the driver during the journey.
b. Fasten your seat belts (if available)
c. Do not bring big luggage on board
d. Do not stand in the coach aisle while travelling
e. It is strictly forbidden to take and drink alcohol on board
f. It is strictly forbidden to smoke on board
g. It is strictly forbidden to shout, squall or disturb the driver in any way
h. It is fundamental to behave in a decorous manner.
If passengers behave in contrast with the above-listed rule, the driver can interrupt the journey.
the means of transport is found damaged at the end of the journey, the group leader is responsible for damage reimbursement.
Morenica for clients, as well as its operating partners and drivers can refuse to accept passengers on board,
who are under the effects of alcohol or drugs or may be dangerous for other passengers’ safety.

18. Liability

Unauthorized or improper use of the website or its content may breach intellectual property rights, regulations in respect of privacy, publication and/or communication in broadest sense of the word. It is not allowed to disrupt the normal operation of this site or to undermine its integrity, which includes changing the content and hacking the website.
Although Morenica for clients has exercised due care to ensure correctness of the information as stated on the website, it does not accept any responsibility for it. All content is provided “as is” and “as available” and the company reserves the right to end, for whatever reason, the availability of the website and/or certain services on the web page, or to restrict access to them. Decisions which you take on the basis of the information contained, will be at your own expenses.
Morenica for clients, or the entitled party, will reserve all rights (including copyrights, domain names, trademarks rights, patents and other intellectual property rights) in respect of all information offered on or through this website, including software, audio, video, text, logos and pictures. Apart from personal, NOT commercial, use, it is not allowed to copy, download or publish in any way, distribute or multiply information on this website without prior written permission of Travel & Service or the entitled party. It is not allowed to copy, multiply or adapt the information and/or design.
Morenica for clients may at any time amend the terms of the disclaimer. Amendments will be effective upon posting on this website. Travel & Service reserves the right to change or terminate the website at its discretion and at any moment it desires, without any prior warning. Morenica for clients will not be liable for the consequences of amendment or termination.
Morenica for clients will try to guarantee punctuality of its means and its partners’ means as agreed with the final client, but the company will not be liable for delays due to force majeure or circumstances beyond its control.
Passenger transportation is fully insured by the partner who will carry out the service.

19. Exclusion of liability

Morenica for clients, its directors, managers, employees or affiliate, as well as commercial partners will never be liable in respect of direct and/or indirect, immaterial or consequential damage including lost profit or income or loss of contracts or orders which in any way results from or is connected with, but does not have to be limited to:
– Defects, viruses or other faults in equipment and other software in connection with access to or use of this website;
– The information which is offered on or via this website;
– The interception, modification or improper use of information sent to Travel & Service or to its clients;
– The operation or unavailability of this website;
– Misuse of this website;
– Loss of data;
– Downloading or using software made available through this website, or
– Claims of third parties in connection with the use of this website.

20. Claim procedures

A written, oral or electronic notice of claim to Morenica for clients, containing facts sufficient to identify the problems occurred during the journey and that reasonably informs Morenica for clients that damage or delay has occurred. Morenica for clients customer care shall open the procedure to promptly solve the problem.

21. Jurisdiction

All controversies, claims, actions, suits or proceedings arising hereunder shall be brought in the Court of Mantova, Italy.